Picking out a frame is often as difficult as picking out the perfect artwork for your space. Similar to art, many picture frames can have intimidating price tags associated with them which can be daunting when trying to build a gallery wall. Finding affordable but stylish frames does not have to be hard especially if you know where to look. As someone obsessed with gold frames (which are classic and complement almost everything) here is a roundup of the best places to find them. 

1. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that has many interesting and unique frame options from which to choose. This aged gold picture frame from CraigsFrames comes in over 30 sizes and prices start at just $21. Shop this frame and more at Etsy.

2. Amazon

Amazon is filled with all type of frames in different colors, sizes, and styles. While you can definitely find anything you are looking for be sure to check out the reviews before purchasing to avoid any low quality items. This simple gold metal picture frame from Lawrence has over 1,300 hundred reviews and has such simple beauty. Get this frame and more at Amazon.

3. Michaels

While you may typically think of Michaels as a craft store they actually carry a good selection of home decor items as well. They have all types of frames and some locations even have on site framing professionals (not exactly inexpensive but always an option). Make sure to check their site or the web for coupons as well as they often offer great discounts! Find this cute scallop edge frame and more at Michaels.

4. World Market

For unique frames, general home decor, and snacks definitely head to your local World Market or shop them online. They search the world for unique artisan goods and are focused on offering affordable goods. Shop this antique style hanging frame set and more at World Market.

5. Estate Sales and Garage Sales

Okay hear me out...scouring your local garage sales and estate sales for frames will honestly give you the more unique pieces at the best cost but requires a bit of work. If you are up for an adventure head out to your local garage and estate sales to find true gems. Check Craigslist or Estatesales.net to see events going on in your area. Some frames might need a little refresh such as removing the back/original art, a fresh coat of paint, or just a deep cleaning but if you have the patience, you can find AMAZING options at unbeatable prices. Happy hunting!

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